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Our technology at the service of your Congress


Why us?

With the passing of time we have accumulated an EXPERIENCE that in today´s world is fundamental at the time of organizing a Conference. Our extensive experience in this sector has made us the perfect auxiliary arm for the execution of all the needs of the delegate. As TECHNICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT, we have all the human and material resources to ensure the SUCCESS of your event. We offer everything you may need so you can relax and attend your Conference as if you were one of the guests.

For the benefits we offer

We have highlighted some of the competitive advantages of our services compared to our competitors:


100% capacity of decision making at every moment.
- 24 hour personalized attention service.
- We are able to attend to your needs from either our offices in Granada, Madrid or London


- Creation and maintenance of web pages.
- Access to our On-line Management program which allows you to:

- Perform registrations and hotel reservations on-line.
- Send and evaluate on-line communications.


- Hotel reservations guaranteed with deposits and contracts.
- Star Group membership composed of over 240 agencies, which permits us to offer any service throughout Spain.
- Continued technical advice for any study made prior to the selection of venues.
- Assistance with relationships with the pharmaceutical industry for the purpose of their collaboration. We ensure continuous monitoring, both of fundraising and of the provision of services.
- Assistance of company technicians to all meetings requested by the society.


- Advancement of all expenses incurred from the time of recruitment until the end of the Conference.
- We provide "FULL CREDIT" vouchers for lunches, meetings, accommodation ….thereby no member of the committee shall need to pay in advance.
- Exemption from fiscal responsibility if desired.
- Maintenance and shipping management of mailing / emailing between society partners with regular updates of changes.

Why do we do sustainable Conferences?

The commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility is one of the main features that makes it easy to recognize that it is an event organized by Phase20. We organize events that have an added value. Phase20 collaborates with the sustainability of the environment through a wide range of measures in order to minimize the environmental footprint generated by conducting such events.

Some of our measures:
- Possibility of a 98% reduction in the use of paper at the event.
- We evaluate the climatic impact that each event may have.
- Steps are taken as to save on energy.
- We do not air-condition the installations above or below the recommended 23º C.
- We use renewable forms of energy as much as possible.
- We prioritize the choice of venues as to those which can be easily accessed by public transportation.
- We encourage that trips are made using public transportation.
- We hire shuttle services between hotels and Conference venues in the event that these journeys cannot be made on foot.
- We try to consume local produce from the region where the Conferences are celebrated.

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