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Logistics Department

- Shipping and transport both nationally and internationally.
- Control and organization of Conference material.
- Control and organization of activity material.
- Control and organization of speakers´ material and supplies.
- Organization and distribution of material belonging to companies and laboratories participating at the conference.
- Control, supervision and organization of the Technical Secretariat, company and commercial exhibition storerooms.
- Contracting transportation insurance.
- Inventory Control
- Assembly and disassembly of Technical Secretariats, facilities and others.
- Relations with courier companies, post office, etc ..
- Issue of Final Dossiers of Conferences, which include:

- Economic Reports
- Survey of Attendance to Workshops
- Scientific Program
- Social Program
- Marketing
- Photographic Briefs

- Control of promotion for events, which includes:

- Conducting mass-mailing
- Relations with tourism promotion departments of municipalities and county councils.
- Assembly of promotional areas

- Purchase and/or hiring of merchandising material.
- Control of material at events.
- Assisting visits to venues for the planning of storerooms and other facilities as well as the planning of schedules for the loading and unloading of conference materials.
- Preparation of budgets.

Registration Department
R&D Department
Scientific Department
E-Learning and Digital Resources
Protocol Department
Logistics Department
Accountancy Department
Commercial Exhibition Department
Permanent Secretariat Department
Conference Coordination
Travel Agency

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